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A sparkling customers community

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    Create a unique community dedicated to your customers

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    Our team is here to help you with expert advices and support

  • Icon flask Chain reactions

    Boost interactions between members of your community using our engagement tools

  • Icon magic wand Cutomized content

    Publish tailored and engaging content on your community

  • Icon glasses A 360° vision

    Connect community interactions to your CRM

Tailored to your needs

Offer your clients an engaging experience

Our team of brand and Web designers are here to help you build the best UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) to offer your clients an exceptionnal experience

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Content of all shapes

Easily manage content creation with dedicated templates

Strategic coaching

We'll have a good chemistry, you'll see.

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    Strengthen your community project strategy

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    Deploy your customers community

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    Acquire new members and make sure you have a sparkling community

360° vision

Centralize all your community data in your CRM (customer database)

Using Single Sign On (SSO), your members easily access your community simply by using the existing user account they have on your e-commerce site. Centralizing accounts in your CRM allows you to build a cross media vision of your customers community.


Engage your community members with magical experiences.

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  • Icon medal Missions

    Create specific gamified missions so that your community members know what to do next.

  • Icon ribbon Points

    Reward certain behaviors on your community to improve engagement.

  • Icon trophy Ambassadors

    Discover who are the most engaged members and motivate them even more.

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