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Become a Partner Agency for Social Potion

We help you develop the recurring revenue of your agency by providing you with all the means to position yourself in the creation and animation of customer communities.We give you a competitive advantage through advanced technology and support experts.

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Our goals for your agency

  • Increase your recurring revenue: services + commissions

    In addition to the need for initial support, deploying a community platform requires the implementation of a strategy of acquisition and permanent commitment.This is where your agency accesses recurring revenues. in addition to a permanent commission of 20% on the Potion licenses that you market.

  • Develop your visibility

    By joining the Potion Social Partner Program, you integrate a network of agencies and are put forward on Potion marketing tools: the agency directory, the presentation brochures, press releases, etc.

  • Develop your expertise

    Build your reputation as a community platform specialist and benefit from our network of agencies to enable you to work with other qualified partners in multiple fields.

Potion will transform how you respond to customer community projects

Thanks to the technological solution Potion, you will have no limit on the projects of community of customers to whom you answer.You stand on the whole chain, from the strategic accompaniment, to the community management by passing through project management and of course the community platform.

Are we made to get along?

The Potion Social Partner Program is intended for agencies wishing to develop their business through the establishment and development of customer community platforms. Are your customers retailers, stores, brands, banks or insurance companies? The Potion solution can fully meet their community building needs.

Stronger together

Our team strives to provide you with the most advanced customer community solution to enable your teams to focus on supporting your customers and the animation of the community: community management, creation of content, acquisition operations, etc.

Ask More Information

Feel free to contact us for more information on the Potion Partnership Program.

Distribution of roles

Social Potion

  • Deployment of the community platform

    We take care of deploying the platform

  • Accompaniment of your project team

    Our teams are at your side to make the client project a success

  • Evolution of common features

    Our developers are evolving the solution based on your feedback

  • Providing the community API

    The API allows you to automate actions on the platform

  • Accompaniment of your sales team

    We are at your side to identify the best opportunities

Your agency

  • Customizing the community platform

    Design, graphic identity ...

  • Platform Configuration

    Role and rights management, gamification, activation of modules ...

  • Development of specific features

    SSO, API integration, connection to customer IS, ...

  • Strategic accompaniment of your client

    Gamification workshop, design workshop, UX workshop, workshop commitment ...

  • Platform animation

    Community management, content creation, acquisition operation (contests, challenges, ...) and engagement

Develop your recurring revenue

No community can live without a regular acquisition and commitment operation, so you have a permanent relationship with your client, and this is only for the benefit of your technology and expertise.

Technology, but not only ...

We are as passionate about technology as by supporting our agency partners in the success of their community customer projects.In addition to advanced technology, we support you every day through support, training and support.

The partners

Ask More Information

Feel free to contact us for more information on the Potion Partnership Program.

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