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Rights and role users

Potion offers a lot of possibilities to your users, a rights management interface allows you to easily control who can do what on your community

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Overview of the configuration of a right

Limit access specifically to each role


Define and distribute the management of your community to different types of users.


Absolutely configure all rights levels on the platform.

Why ?

Managing access levels to published content is essential but Potion does not stop there. The comprehensive rights management also defines restrictions and permissions on many features.

In summary
Share the management of your community easily
Assign user roles

The default platform has 3 roles: visitors, members, administrators. You can create new roles at will with attribution and specific rights.

Give or remove rights

Each module has its rights. Statutes, articles, events, comments, etc. You can enable or disable a list of rights against these modules.

Keep control over every possible action
Share the management of your community easily
Specific roles for each page

Micro-communities have their own user roles. You can define administrators with different rights or only activate some rights on a specific micro-community , each micro-community thus has a behavior that can be completely different from your platform.

For further

User rights and roles are important when thinking about your community. It is rare that a platform is moderated, comes alive of itself. Just as a team of several people can be led to manage the same community. With Potion you can set rights levels for each member of the community and manage your teams by defining a specific role for each one.

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