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Dynamic Navigation

Adapt menu texts, create navigation links to your site, make content accessible quickly. Everything is possible with customizable navigation.

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Overview of the community landing

The customization allows you to offer the experience you want.


Whatever your project, you can easily adapt your navigation.


The navigation creation allows you to save multiple navigations.

Why ?

Customizing menu items is essential for an optimized user experience and quick access to information. That's why Potion allows you to simply make your menus. In addition, the navigation transparently manages the rights of your users , if a member can not access a part of the site, he will simply not see the link!

In summary
Manage absolutely all your links
Customized navigation

Choose your type of navigation, the order of your links, their text, the pages to which they refer. Dynamic navigation lets you deliver the user experience you want.

Try it easily

Test new navigations and define the one that will have your preference or that of your users, Potion will save your choices.

Easily change navigation
For further

With dynamic navigation, you have the option to choose three different navigation templates: default navigation, top with centered text, navigation menu on the left with the text close to the logo or navigation called "sidebar" on the left in the vertical. Each type of navigation is adapted to a use and a type of community.

Classic navigation
Centered navigation
Default navigation

This type of navigation is suitable for communities that wish to focus on the content published by the community. It is better to opt for this navigation when there are not many tabs to display.

Navigation menu left

As the standard navigation, it is at the top of the browser, however the tabs are arranged on the left and allow to activate more tabs. It is suitable for communities that have larger content types but want to keep a traditional navigation.

Left alignment navigation
Side navigation
Sidebar on the left

The sidebar allows you to deploy more tabs because of its verticality. In addition, it is fixed and therefore always visible to the members. It is optimal for the broad community of content type where it is necessary to navigate between each type of content regularly.


Potion adapts to any type of screen, and your navigation remains perfectly functional under mobile.


The navigation is easily configurable in the administration. Go to the configuration - menus tab to start creating your navigation!

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