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Potion offers multiple configurations for the creation of micro-communities and easily adapts to the existing constraints of security, access to information and rights of users.

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Overview of a micro-community '

Create spaces to better organize the exchanges and contents.

Bring together

Gather your users according to their interests.

To secure

Adapt the level of visibility according to the desired confidentiality.

Why ?

It can be interesting to create dedicated discussion spaces for your users within your community. Potion offers great configuration flexibility for creating micro-communities and brings together all content sharing and exchange functions within a secure environment.

In summary
More targeted spaces in your community
Gather your members

Create a space dedicated to a theme on your platform. Your members will be able to join her and receive notifications.

Delegate the animation

Assign roles and rights to your collaborators or members to administer the content of micro-communities.

Give responsibility to your members
For further

You have created the community of your brand and want to organize in-store chat rooms? Potion allows you to create as many as you need with 3 privacy modes: Public, Private, Secret. You want to delegate the management and administration to local officials? Potion has the ability to create multiple roles to assign specific rights to your members or collaborators.

Listing of micro-communities
What can be done in micro-communities?

All the standard features can be used on a micro-community: Publish an article or a status, add events, invite members ... You can even create a second level to organize your page with its own discussion groups that can themselves to be seen according to the intended configuration (public, private, secret mode)


Potion adapts to any type of screen, the publication and consultation of micro-communities is also available on mobile devices.


View the list of micro-communities and their statistics. Manage the roles of members of your pages and easily master the published contents.

Listing of micro-communities in admin
Modal Role Creation
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