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Badges & Levels

Engagement via gamification is a known problem in Potion. Setting up badge and levels allows your users to find the motivation to come back to your community.

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Preview of a badge page and levels
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Your users have missions to perform.


A motivation to return to the community.


Your community comes alive with badges.

Why ?

The social approach of Potion always puts forward the members of the community. The creation of statutes is then one of the main proof of commitment of your users. This allows your community to live, to let content be created through members. The community is then self animated in content.

In summary
motivational generator
Motivation generator

Badges and levels push your users to return to your platform and do many actions (likes, recommendations, subscriptions ..)

A playful dynamic

Badges reward achievement levels and add to a Hall of Fame, a gamified competition is established between your users.

dynamic and playful gamification
rewards and gamified process
Created from the commitment

Users discover which behaviors are rewarded in this gamified process.

For further

The interface dedicated to gamification is intuitive - it allows your users to see live progress on the platform. Each member has his own level of experience, which evolves according to his activity on the site and points obtained. On his profile in the "badges" tab, each user can consult the available missions (to unlock) and missions accomplished (unlocked).

badges and gamification levels
Real time notifications

When a user triggers an event that gives him points, he is notified via a notification system, and the database is automatically updated. He is also relaunched about the rewards that are within his reach or that he is on track to get.

Create your badge

Add a badge to the default collection or create your own rules from the beginning. Upload the image of your badge, choose the value of the points that your users will win, and create the mission to achieve through an advanced condition module.

Several types of badges

Simple badges or level badges are the two types of badges available at the moment on Potion. A simple badge is acquired once the mission accomplished, a badge of levels proposes several levels of missions.


View the list of statuses and their statistics. Manage publications with editing, deletion, moderation.

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