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Publish events easily and invite your members to participate and chat. Planned filters and research will allow everyone to explore the content and not miss key dates in the community.

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Overview of the status area

Quickly inform members through visual notifications or emails.


Invite members or new users to participate

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Open event creation for members.

Why ?

Event publishing gives you the opportunity to diversify published content and the ability to create regular meetings with your members that increase loyalty and engagement.

In summary
Create events easily
A complete event editor

Add a title, choose the address, the date, the time the number of places if they are limited, ... are some of the features of the editor.

An adapted interface

Your members can discuss the event, say if they are interested, if they are participating, or if they will not be present.

Engage around events
For further

Event creation allows you to inform your users of upcoming key dates. It is also a way to gauge the presence or absence of your users. The Potion Event Editor allows you to create any kind of event through advanced customization.

The formatting

Add title, subtitle, description with advanced formatting (bold, underline, italic, link, etc ...). Locate your event by adding an address, specify start date and time, end date and time. Limit the number of participations ... An optimal creation to meet the needs of the publication event.

The discussion

Members can chat with each other about the event. Ask their question, post photos of the event when it is finished. For example, the administrator can restart participants by asking them to post pictures or post them themselves.


Your users can continue to interact with your events even on their mobile.


View the list of events and their statistics. Manage the creative by modifying, deleting, moderating.

Listing of events in admin
Modal moderation of an event
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