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Data protection

The protection of your data and especially that of your users and our priority n ° 1. Potion implemented several solutions respecting the law of protection of user data (RGPD).

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User account settings

Set the level of security you want on your platform.

To warn

Automatically deploy your Terms and notify your users of changes.


Let your users decide what data will be saved.

Why ?

The RGPD is primarily there to protect your users, your platform contains a lot and it is imperative that your members keep control over the processing and tracking done on their data. In this sense Potion provides several tools to keep your members in complete control of the data that passes through your platform. The data stored online is also treated with the utmost care and our infrastructure complies with several advanced security standards.

In summary
Storage server
Stay in control of your data

Your users have complete control over their data, and they can analyze, delete or revoke certain aspects they no longer want to share.

Advanced password

The password is the gateway to your platform, Potion provides different levels of security for your users' passwords as well as several authentication checks such as the lifetime of a password, the number of faults authorized or the temporary blocking of account in case of repeated failures

Session Management
Data encryption
Data encryption

To minimize data leakage and further limit playback, Potion applies advanced encryption to its entire database. We automatically destroy the data after a certain time and anonymize the sensitive data of the platform.


Most security options are configurable in our administration interface. We also put at your disposal a publisher to update your Terms and Conditions easily and notify all users of your platform as specified in the law RGPD.

Configuring platform security
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