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To help track key indicators in your community, Potion integrates a dashboard and gives you a real-time view of the acquisition, engagement or retention of users. Thanks to the possible link with Google Analytics, you will get all the information you need to manage your community.

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Admin Dashboard Overview

Follow the key indicators of your community


Query the data to understand the evolutions


Get all your statistics in actionable formats.

Why ?

The growth and ongoing commitment of a community requires a quick perception of users' interests. The administrator will be able to propose adapted contents, to interact with the members, to moderate effectively. The dashboard is a great way to keep track of platform activity and highlight important content or members that are critical to development.

In summary
Segment your observation
A real time dashboard

Follow the key indicators of your community as closely as possible to understand its evolution and know its members.

Acquisition, Engagement, Loyalty

A segmentation of data to facilitate reading and to act continuously on the activity of the community.

Real-time data
Export your data
Exports to go further

A standard format for exporting data and exploiting it as you wish in a spreadsheet or analysis tool.

For further

The upper part of the dashboard highlights 4 relevant indicators of activity in your community. The total number of registered members, publications articles or statutes, comments and recommendations on publications.

The tiles of statitics
Curves of registrants in real time

A graph to follow in real time the growth of your community. You will be able to distinguish the registered members spontaneously or those resulting from the invitations sent. The selection of dates for the analysis period and the segmentation in days, weeks or months will allow you to refine the study.

The detailed evolution of the main indicators

Each indicator can be tracked in the period defined on the dashboard. This concerns articles, statutes, commentaries as well as recommendations or internal sharing interactions.

Evolution graph of contents
The best articles
Top 10 articles

Follow in detail your published articles to better understand the interests of your members and see the top 10 of those who are most recommended, most commented or most seen.


The administration interface is fully responsive and can be accessed from any terminal.

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