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Features - Gamification


Once the community is created, the game is a quick and easy way to conquer the first members. The user-friendliness and natural virality of this feature allow to quickly give visibility and get the desired boost effect for startup.

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Engage your community with the playful approach of the contests.


Boost your acquisition and enjoy the virality of games.


Organize contests easily and quickly and retain your users

Why ?

The contest now allows you to create only a photo contest where users can participate and collect votes. A ranking of the photo with more votes is displayed but it does not define the winners. The rules of the game are to be defined by the administrator.

In summary
Podium games contest
A beneficial competition

Create a competition in your community and let your users prove they are the most engaged.

Your users participate

This is an opportunity to generate visual content of users, they will then be a strong relay to lead to virality and acquire members.

Raise interest in your users
Visual customization of the contest
Personalize your contest

Add his rules, his description, a start and end date, his banner photo and even the pictogram used and the color of the button to vote.

For further

Sharing a photo is an engaging action on the part of your members. It is then advisable to organize a simple contest to start, a photo that everyone can easily take with his smartphone for example.

Competition Listing
The participations

Your members actively participate in your community and invite relatives to vote on their participation. Your community is growing and its contents are multiplying!


Ranking display is an important part of the quiz. It allows the member to position themselves. Even if it can only be informative, because a contest can result in a draw of all the participants, whatever their rank, it is necessary to give place to this competition which will incite your participants to share massively to obtain the no more votes.


The contest is like all the platform, responsive. Users can easily participate from their phone or tablet.


Create and set up your contest, schedule its publication, view the list of participants and easily moderate shared content. You can also customize as you wish your game: banner, messages, color of the voting button, mail sent ...

Listing of contest entries in admin
Creating a contest in admin
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