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API & Webhooks

Potion offers you a complete API and Webhooks to allow you to manipulate your data as you wish. Coupled with services like Zapier, these actions will allow you to automate a whole lot of scenarios.

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Overview of the API documentation

Make your platform live through external actions.


Automate different actions on your platform and increase interactions.


Automatically publish your content to external sites

Why ?

APIs and Webhooks allow you to control your data and automate certain actions on your platform. They give you a significant autonomy to imagine a lot of interactions with your users or to your existing sites. Chatbot, automated welcome messages, advanced analytics, your imagination is the only limit.

In summary

Webhooks allow you to send certain information to an URL of your choice when an action is triggered on your platform. A user has just registered? Why not automatically update your CRM? Several other triggers are available and activatable on your platform, you imagine what to connect them!


An API allows you to perform actions at different levels of your platform. For example, if you have an e-commerce site, why not register a customer on your community when creating an account on your online sales site? Thousands of other operations are possible, for you to imagine what you want to achieve.

The API of your platform

The webhooks and API are fully configurable from your admin interface. You are free to activate or deactivate them easily and at any time.

Listing the webhooks and admin
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