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Essential support for your content strategies, video is an integral part of your brand communication. The video creator has the advantage of delivering personalized messages in real time, thereby proactively attracting customers' attention and generating a better return on investment

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Overview of the status area

Consider the video as a way to start a conversation. Once the dialogue begins, it is important to extend it.


Capture users' attention proactively with compelling and personalized messages.


77% of consumers consider that a company that broadcasts videos is more committed to its customers.

Why ?

While in the past articles were more popular, today video is the most interactive form of content. The video allows for example to transmit a very high number of information, present a team, put forward testimonials, present a concept, ideas or figures.

In summary
Engage by gathering the opinion of your members
Lever of educational effectiveness

Video is the perfect tool to help members of your customer community understand how to use a product or service while enhancing the brand's emotional value.

Meet customer needs

Think about satisfying the needs of customers by offering them, through video, solutions. The video can show and stage your actions, create tutorials that respond quickly to their questions and become the actor of a social bond around common values.

Engage by gathering the opinion of your members
Engage by gathering the opinion of your members
Stimulate all the senses

20% of users remember what they see and 30% of what they hear. Mobilized together, hearing and sight allow a human being to increase his memory capacity. Video is an invaluable way to capture members' attention.

For further

Through the publication of videos, Potion Social publishes interactive content in MP4 format. A great way to make your users active when you offer them video support, to make your customers' experiences live memorable, unusual, fun and touching. The members of your community will thank you for the actions carried out by your brand.

Create a personalized brand experience

To ensure that video proactively contributes to customer engagement, consider it as a way to initiate and then extend the conversation between your brand and your users, by personalizing your approach based on the progress of each one. in his journey on your community.

Turn your customers into brand ambassadors

Video, a powerful tool to build loyalty and turn clients into brand ambassadors, from satisfaction to recommendation to accessibility and the attractiveness of your brand.

Provide memorable content

Customer service is essential to customer loyalty, but it does not all have to be managed by a customer service team. Many brands use video to help users answer questions and support support queries proactively. 47% say that this has allowed them to reduce the number of requests for assistance.

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