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A quick and easy way to express your opinion, surveys are very useful for interviewing and measuring the satisfaction of your community members with your business, product or service.

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Collect feedback and customer reviews in a fun way


Measure satisfaction to help in decision making


Customize your survey to add value to your customer panel

Why ?

To sustain your brand, it is important to listen to your customers. The survey makes it possible to take stock of your strengths and weaknesses to date and to follow their evolution.

In summary

Want to better understand your customers, find out if they are satisfied and increase and their loyalty? The survey feature is a gold mine for the brand, to quantify and evaluate customer satisfaction.

Engage by gathering the opinion of your members
Image survey

The image survey takes the form of closed questions inviting participants to choose an image from a list of images.

Text Poll

The text poll is in the form of multiple-choice questions - closed questions that allow participants to select an answer from a defined list of choices.

Engage by gathering the opinion of your members
Engage by gathering the opinion of your members
Slider survey

The slider poll evaluates a subject by dragging a progress bar on a numeric scale in percent.

Analyze customer feedback in real time

Probe your customers and collect feedback in real time. Polls adapt to all contexts to engage your community intelligently, before and after their visit. The administrator interface allows a fine analysis of the answers.

Engage by gathering the opinion of your members
For further

The survey module can be integrated into your ecosystem via JavaScript widget on existing web pages: website, e-commerce or mobile application.

A 360 ° view of customer satisfaction

Build your vision by collecting a wide range of data, behaviors and opinions. The survey module makes it possible to take stock of your strengths and weaknesses so far and to follow their evolution.

Co-creation & crowdsourcing

Brainstorming, beta-testing, study ... Co-construction with a panel of customers is a method increasingly used by companies to prioritize projects, detect new needs, improve concepts, validate a design.

Enhance your ambassadors

Listening is at the heart of the process of identifying customer irritants. Recognizing these "bread points" can then find solutions quickly to improve the customer experience of use and purchase point of sale or on your website.


Your users can continue to interact with polls even on their mobile.

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