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User profile

Offer your members a personal profile page on your community platform

  • Icon person

    Customization of the avatar and profile banner to be known... and reknown!

  • Icon picture

    Add a custom banner to provide each profile with a unique athomosphere

  • Icon plus

    History of members actions to ease interactions

  • Icon [at]

    Mentions of other members in a post to foster engagement

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Inform your users about what's happening in real time

Members can manage their notification parameters depending on their needs and wants to receive only information that are interesting to them.

Notifications are disabled on the community.
Icon notification
Visual notifications to inform members of a new activity.
Icon mail
Emails are sent to boost re-visits on your community.


A full event management system

Plan live events on your community and invite members to participate.
Create an event, invite members so they can RSVP easily. You can also let members of your community post events.

  • Icon persons Public

    Visible and accessible to everyone, invite as many as you can.

  • Icon lock Private

    Visible by everyone, but members must request to participate.

In real timeNew

New notifications, posts, comments and articles appear... in real time!

Activity stream

Easily gives your members access to new content and interactions on your community

In the activity stream, members find everything that is happening on your community in real time and can discover new interests and people.

Icon heart Icon comment Icon share
Icon picture
Icon heart Icon comment Icon share
Icon heart Icon comment Icon share
Icon heart Icon comment Icon share
Icon picture
Icon heart Icon comment Icon share

Content editor

Create and publish content on your community with a wave of a magic wand

Let your content team and your members write and publish articles optimized for search engine (SEO) and offer the best experience to the readers on any support (mobile, tablet, desktop).


Search everything, everywhere in your community

With a powerful search engine, nothing will be lost. Your members can easily find what they are looking for.


Create groups where members can share their ideas

Some people call them forum, other call them groups... You decide! It's where your community members can interact on their interests or ask specific questions.

  • Icon persons Public

    Visible and accessible to everyone, members can freely express themselves.

  • Icon lock Private

    Visible by everyone, but members must request access to the group.

  • Icon eye Secret

    Invisible, only invited members can access.

Preview group


Take the lead on the evolution of your community

In the administration interface, you can see how your community is doing in a blink of a eye. You can track how you are doing in terms of community management and adapt your strategy.

  • Icon dashboard Dashboard

    Follow the evolution of your KPI and analyze your community data to achieve your goals.

  • Icon thunderstorm Moderation

    Track and moderate easily all the user generated content.

  • Icon download Export

    Export all the user and community data.

  • Icon magic wand Dynamic cards

    Collect new data your user database by providing engaging experiences

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