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The 3 Do&#8217;s of Content Marketing


So often, you hear about all the things that you must not do when it comes to content marketing. You are told not to use any metatags as those are now considered outdated, and you are supposed to always avoid using too many keywords in your content as doing so can be considered keyword stuffing. It also seems like every single time you turn around, the rules are always changing. The list of things to avoid is so long that you feel like you can make a critical mistake if you so much as breathe the wrong way. If you are feeling slightly intimidated, there is no need to worry as here are the 3 do’s of content marketing that you can implement that are guaranteed to land you surefire success.

Create an App for Your Brand

Just about everyone and their mama has a cellular device and a tablet of sorts. Mobile watches are also growing in popularity as they are being produced for both Android and Apple users. When users like a particular brand, they are always sure to look for an app that is associated with that brand. According to Tech Crunch, a popular technology site that keeps track of trends, the use of smart phones and other mobile devices are growing steadily. In 2014, users spent on average of two hours and 42 minutes on mobile devices each day. Business Insider states that mobile app usage is increasing over the use of the desktop. With that said, it is best to create a fun and interesting app that your customers will enjoy.

When you create your app, make sure it will serve as a benefit to your customers. Allow your customers to get coupons for various products and services you are offering, and have some interesting news updates about your business that will come to your audience in the form of alerts. Build features within your app that will allow customers to place orders and contact support when difficulties occur. A good rule of thumb that content marketing experts provide is to make sure all of the website’s functions are available within your mobile app. additionally, make sure your app is accessible to those with disabilities as this will benefit disabled customers who desire to do business with you as well as the senior population.

Create Top Quality Video Content

YouTube and other video platforms are highly preferred among people of all ages. According to Tech Crunch, almost as many people use YouTube as they do Facebook. Since this is the case, videos are an outstanding way to reach out to your target audiences.

When you create your videos, invest in a moderately priced camera. Purchasing one that is too cheap can cause your video quality to suffer which will harm your business reputation. When people see that you put a tremendous amount of effort into your videos, such as by adding interesting effects, ensuring recording quality is first-rate and adding catchy music, they will take a keen interest in what you have to say. Your subscribership will also increase dramatically as people will be inclined to share your content.

Develop Your Presence across Social Media Platforms

While you want to put a lot of focus on video content, you also need to develop a strong presence on other social media platforms. The most popular outlets that you want to focus on are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Focus on one platform at a time, starting with the one where people are talking about you and your brand the most. If you are newly established and do not have any exposure on any platform, pick the most popular platform and start building your online community there. Always engage with your audience and show them you are interested in their input.

Implementing these three content marketing dos will make you fail proof. When others are trying to figure out which trends to follow next or are confused about dramatic rule changes, you will be smooth sailing. Intimidation will be a thing of the past for you as you will experience breathtaking success.

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