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The 3 secrets of 9 Amazing Brand Utility Examples

Mike nay

A brand and the company behind it can no longer be thought of as an amorphous glut of people in suits making business decisions that are all about the bottom line – there needs to be more. Want to be successful? Show your best face to your customers, and develop a brand that isn’t clearly out to sell them something sub-par while being all too happy to snatch money out of their hands. Instead, consider the relationship between brand and customer to be as important as any other human to human relationship would be. We’ll look a little closer at the idea of brand utility in this post through some powerful examples that inspire us to seek more meaningful relationships with our customers.

Showing Some Love

Brands should be companions for life, and not an unsavory corporate scheme that people are forced to contend with. Google has become a household name, and for good reason. For being the largest internet company in the world, they do an extraordinary job of seeming human. The way they interact with customers the world over and the apps and services they provide demonstrate this in spades. Some of Google’s best brand utility examples dealing with customers feelings are the following.

1. Google for Weddings

Google for weddings is a real wedding assistant, helping people at every step of the planning: from announcing the news (by Hangouts of course) to locate the venue (hi Google Map). Being part of the most important day of people’s life is actually a wonderful way to establish trust between the brand and its customers.

Google Wed Planner

2. Google Person Finder

Google Person Finder is a platform which helps people reconnecting with their relatives during a natural disasters. Providing useful informations during these moments is one of the most valuable brand utility concept.

Google Person Finder

3. (sponsored blog)

Helping kids teaching their parents about computer basics, this is the mission of Google interferes once more in families’ lives really creatively reaching older people by the sweatest way.

Each of these serves a profound, human purpose. Although Google is an enormous computer/software/internet company, they put a human face on everything they do. Their success can be attributed in part to how in tune they are with their customers needs, desires, thoughts and feelings. Just check out this ad they ran for chrome a few years ago – if you aren’t touched or a little bit inspired, there might be something wrong with you.

Making the Connection

Mobile and WiFi are technologies that allow us to stay better connected for more often. Just by having a smartphone or a tablet present, we’re constantly in touch with the people, brands, and apps that matter to us. For those brands that utilize mobile for their business model, there are tons of creative ways to create brand utility in a unique, creative, and human way that can help to bridge the gap between you and your customers. Here are some of the best brand utility examples concerning mobile.

4. Scrabble

Scrabble has sponsored free WiFi hotspots for people who could solve a word puzzle. Involving gamification is a great way to make your customers addicted to your products.

5. Vodafone

Who’s never realised his mobile’s battery was empty when he needed it the most? Vodafone has invented a concept for clothes with pockets that charge a smartphone to overcome this!

6. Brazilian Blood Bank

Brazilian Blood Bank came up with an idea for a “donor cable” to donate a battery charge from one phone to another between friends. A mobile issue solved with a blood donor approach, what could be best called creativity?

All of these ideas are fun, and they enhance the human element between brand and customer.

Getting Active and Engaged

Brand utility is all about marketing in a creative way that’s relevant to your brand. For sporting goods and apparel companies, this means becoming a part of the fitness or sports experience for their customers.

7. Adidas Runbase

Adidas Runbase put up branded showers with lockers next to Tokyo subway stations, giving urban runners a place to wash up on the go. What was your excuse not to do sport again?

8. Puma

Puma has reimagined something as traditional and boring as the clunky boxes sneakers are traditionally packaged with by instead selling their shoes in a sleek mesh bag people can use again.

9. Asics

For long-distance runners Asics created a marathoner app for supporters to send personalized messages on a billboard to their friends and loved ones running the grueling 26.2 miles.


For brands like this, it’s about being there in that pivotal moment. Not in an intrusive way, but in a way that thoughtfully enhances the experience for customers. Defining what brand utility means and how to accomplish it is an art form, and should be considered with care, delicacy, and empathy for your customer.

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