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Niche Communities Know When They See a Real Moose


The Optimistic Order of the Moose

Back in the day before online forums, like-minded people gathered together in nondescript locations that required a password to get in the door. Once inside, they were free to adopt a comfortable persona and mingle with others who took them at face value. Members of these “optimist clubs” gossiped and socialized, sharing news and discussing items of interest to their community. Members supported each other. Even if someone had little personal interest in another member’s project, they would offer encouragement and advice. As the organization grew and members scattered, chapter houses united by a common interest and history would spring up in cities all across the country. Nowadays the clubhouse is online but otherwise not much has changed.

Brothers in Antlers

Members of a niche community are unlike any other kind of online community. Their interests are specialized to a laser-like focus on a single area. When they share and gossip about their passions they expect everyone in the community to share the same types of interest. More experienced members are sought for their guidance and the sense of history they bring to the community. New members bring in fresh insights and give the membership the opportunity to show off their knowledge and expertise. This shared experience creates the kind of real bonding within the community that builds trust.

Decoys Don’t Sound Like Moose

It’s really tough to snow a community with a niche interest. They tend to be experts in their field with an in-depth knowledge of their subject. Infiltrating these communities involves dedicated research and detailed ruses. But really, why go to the trouble of creating an elaborate deception when the real thing is so much better? Instead of focusing on getting inside a community and gaining the trust of the membership, creating a quality niche product will quite effectively bring the membership to you. Once convinced of the utility and reliability of your brand, you can find no more enthusiastic ambassadors than special interest communities.

Moose Travel in Herds

Loyal community members will not hesitate to pursue your brand as long as you continue to provide them with quality content and an open communication platform. They understand the economics of the marketplace well enough to know that you can only continue to provide them with content if you’re drawing from a large enough market. Knowing that, your passionate niche community will work hard to sweep other communities into their herd. With an online reach that touches the entire world, quality niche content only has to make it into the hands of a critical few community members in order to rapidly propagate worldwide. Moose stick together.

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