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Lead Nurturing Email: Do it Right

Joshua sortino

If you’ve gone through the trouble to develop a killer website with amazing content and a snazzy user-friendly design, you shouldn’t stop where you’re at. That big button you’ve likely implemented on your landing page is the beacon of hope that keeps your business buzzing. For every person that clicks it and inputs their information, you are essentially being given a vote of confidence for the success of your site. But if you’re just collecting emails and letting them sit in a dusty old spreadsheet, or even worse, are sending out emails with horrible copy and obvious sales tactics, you’re doing yourself a genuine disservice. Don’t lose out on the possible gains of a great email marketing campaign. Read on to find out how lead nurturing email can be a boon for your business.

Lead Nurturing

Just like we wouldn’t expect to get married after a first date, we shouldn’t expect possible customers and users to fall in love with our brands as soon as they sign up for more information. This begins the delicate process known as lead nurturing. Think of it as creating a relationship with your customer – a real, human-to-human type relationship. No matter how many leads you have, whether it’s 10 or 9,000,000, the number is irrelevant. In fact, thinking of leads as numbers is where your downfall happens. Each of those leads is a person with emotions, values, ideas, and lives that are just as important to them as yours is to you. This is the first notion of lead nurturing that must be understood to reap the greatest rewards from your marketing efforts. To get into the minds of your leads and to gain their trust so they come to you when they need your product or service, the first step is to treat them like real, unique, important individuals and human beings.

Email Marketing

With the psychological side of things understood, the method follows. Once you’ve captured your leads’ information, you need to put it to good use – and email can do just that. But first, take a brief second to think about your inbox. Is it crammed full of spam, messages you’ll never read, or simply constant annoying reminders? The goal for an email marketing campaign should be to avoid the fate of the careless delete and trash empty at all costs. Lead nurturing email should be carefully composed with masterfully crafted, attention-grabbing headlines. In fact, the goal shouldn’t just be to avoid being deleted. Instead, the goal should be something like this: the lead is pruning an email box of hundreds, potentially thousands of messages, and then they come across yours and they stop. Your subject line should be so mesmerizing that they feel like someone has read their mind and really, truly understood a problem they have. It’s about targeting the desires of your leads and customer segment as best as possible.

For example, here is an email I got from an app called ‘Run Keeper’ that keeps people on track to complete their running sessions throughout the week.


In five words, the subject-line directly asks leads in a casual tone of voice whether or not they have time to run while also subtly insinuating a better way. For people who haven’t been running like they want to who also previously downloaded the Run Keeper app, this is enough to stop many of them in their tracks as they delete everything else in their inboxes. But the email goes on to develop their desires and hits people right in their emotions from its subject to its body content. The message gets people to want to use the product because it encourages them, it tells them how easy it can be, and it even allows people to reward themselves after their hard work.

RunKeep pscr1

Go do it

This is what lead nurturing email is all about. They address some of the deepest desires of leads and catch attention immediately.But they don’t stop there. Once users have opened a lead nurturing email, it’s important that the content in the email be worthy of their time. Provide some valuable information or access to some free, helpful material to them based on their desires.

RunKeep pscr2

Continue to gain their trust and build a relationship with them that will last. Long-term customers provide greater value over the life of your business, and lead nurturing email should provide just that if you do them right. Now go make some customers happy.

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