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Give Your Content Marketing a Sense Of Community

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When you are running your own business, creating a buzz is very important. A way to keep people coming back is by building a community from content marketing. According to The Beginner’s Guide To Online Marketing, content marketing is, “The process of engaging and growing your customer base through high quality content.”

So things like blogs, Facebook landing pages, YouTube channels and the like can be ways to create good content marketing. These steps also help build a community through people who enjoy your services or products. Here are a few tips that help you create a lasting and engaging community that is based on your content marketing.

Gathering People by Interest

The difference between social media and a community is their interests. A social media presence means that you have several things in common with those that are a part of your social media. Meaning that overall, users have a similar set of lifestyle choices. But with a community you only really need to have one thing in common. And that one thing in common is an interest in your company. A community allows people to interact with each other as well as with the company that has created the community.

Be A Snow Flake

Individuality with content marketing is very important. People need a reason to read what you’re posting as compared to others. Here are some ideas that can help you develop your community. Are your product’s family centered? Then create a blog that can help parents, or have a twitter account that promises to let people know when your products will be on sale. Hoping for a young audience? A possible community strategy with that audience can be viral videos. Having potential customers keep your company in their mind, without actually outright trying to sell to them, can help build a community.

Real Life Examples

There are many different companies that have created excellent communities within their content marketing. One example, is the “Back Me Up” app from Always. This is not an advertisement app, but rather a way for women to feel safe while they are walking home alone. It gives females a sense of trust in each other. That trust provides a community of people. In addition, when the app is used, it puts people in the mind of Always products. So next time they visit the store, they may be more inclined to buy from Always. Because the app was so useful to them, and Always provided it.


Keeping people in mind of your company with a community through content marketing may develop life long customers.

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