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Domestic Animals: 3 Communities that you should know


When your friends get tired of listening to your stories about your Caramel Cat, it may be time to turn to a pet community. As bizarre as it may seem, these new communities provide their owners resources that allow the exchange of information on a single platform.

For pet lovers, the special connection between you and your four-legged friend is something that only a pet owner can truly understand. Fortunately, the rise of dedicated communities continues to increase. Nowadays 1 in 10 pets have their own Facebook page, Twitter account or even a YouTube channel. These 5 use cases of platforms will allow you to exchange advice between the owners and may even make new friends, humans or animals.

The Woopets Community

Homepage communauté Woopets

Launched in 2008, Woopets is known as the social network of pets, cats and NCAs (new companion animals). This social network offers an exclusive space entirely dedicated to the canine world. For enthusiasts, the site presents all the trends about dogs, health advice, education, food, practical guides, detailed breed sheets and practical services as a test to help you how to choose the perfect matches of dogs to you.
The principle is simple: create your profile and the profile of your dog or cat, send photos, tell his life online, find friends. The platform offers a forum and some groups on which it is possible to share opinions and concerns about the animals.

The Pet's Family & Co

Homepage communauté Pet's Family & Co

The site Pet’s Family & Co meet a need of pet owners who are struggling to find a way of warning. The alternative and collaborative formula aims to facilitate the care of pets and meet people close to home to keep or entrust their animal during the absence of their masters. It is a question of finding a volunteer to keep the animal during the vacations or a wedding for example, dogs, cats or NCA, the guard of animals is based on the gratuity: the community members holds the aim to provide the wellbeing of animals, exchanging information of service and meetings. The community makes it possible to act in favor of animals against frequent animal abandonment, especially during the summer months. The members and adherents agree from the outset on the different types of custody and also on the habits of the animal.
Based on the values of trust, altruism, volunteerism and love animals. Pet's Family is asking all members and adherents to sign and abide the Animal Care Exchange Charter.
The community is positioning itself as a new way of keeping animals. A new alternative and collaborative formula. The exchange of custody between individuals.

The Anipassion community

Homepage communauté Anipassion

The website Anipassion offers the possibility to share photos, animal news, funny videos of animal, tips and guides. A forum is also offered to exchange and seek advice from other users.
AniPassion offers the possibility for the masters to create a card in the image of their companion with two or four legs in the manner of a social network. Name, race, character and other particularities, in short they can complete the identity card of their animal in the smallest details. Members can enroll their entire family in one place: rodents, cats, dogs, fish, horses, birds and even reptiles, they cohabit. The news feed allows the teachers to share jokes and the daily life of their animal, interacting around the animal theme in the manner of a social network: likes, comments and sharing. The ultimate for meeting passionate animals people.

Since each master is proud of his pet, contests are offered throughout the year to allow them to highlight their ball of feathers, hair or scales! With a community of more than 1500 members, AniPassion allows pets to meet in a unique place and their master to gather around the same passion.

Get ready!

What do these communities have in common? On a large or small scale, they help their members with self-help communities, and consequently help the animals. Fighting against the isolation, pet therapy off or online is constantly rising, and it's not ready to stop.

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