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How to deal with Haters


There is no such thing as bad publicity – if the company knows how to use the publicity to its advantage. Many different types of conflict will arise during your tenure in community management, and most of them contain a positive component that you can exploit if you know how. Here are just a few of the ways in which you can use a conflict within your online brand community to your advantage.

Improve through the criticism

The first and most obvious way to use criticism positively is to take it as a way to improve your business overall. Are people stating exactly why they do not like your company? Look at it as a positive thing: Most of the time, people simply ignore a business that they do not like. They will offer no feedback at all, leaving the company fully in the dark about what they can do in order to improve. If people are saying something about your business, it means that they care. This is a good thing; it means that your branding efforts are working. Redirect some of those efforts into research and development in order to see an improvement in your customer engagement.

See how your competitors are responding

If your customers are giving you complaints about a certain aspect of your service, they may be doing the same thing to your competitors as well. If this is so, then you should congratulate yourself: You have discovered a true need in the market. Taking the time to service this need is what separates the growing businesses from the stagnant ones.

Look into the ways that your competition is addressing the need that your customers have complained about. Is their technique successful? If so, you can implement it without having to worry about spending money on researching the solution. Do not be afraid to employ this technique; it is similar to what champion bikers do when they coast behind a leader to reduce wind lag in preparation for a final burst at the end of the race. Conserve your energy – use your competitors against themselves.

Streamline your marketing efforts

If there is no way that you can remedy the problem that someone is bringing up, then thank them! You can and should find out who this person represents demographically in order to find out if you can remove that demographic from your marketing efforts. The more that you streamline your marketing away from people who are only going to complain, the higher that your conversion rates become. You will lower your cost per unit sold and cost per impression.

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