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Sure I&#8217;ll Give You my Info! (But only for a Discount)


One of the truest universal principles spanning all the sciences is the notion that you have to give something to get something, and marketing is no different. Customer loyalty program can be a great way to gin up demand and increase your customer base while also gaining a greater long term value per customer, but it can require a bit of work. However, if you have the time, effort, and some additional money to create a great customer loyalty campaign, your investment should pay off over time. To do this though, you’re going to need to get inside the mind of your customer and truly understand what it will take to get them to sign up for your program. Read on for some best practices for creating a customer loyalty program that will flourish, not flop.

Going Digital

If you’re thinking rewards and loyalty programs, it’s a requirement to already have a handle on your business being online. Particularly if you’re a brick and mortar mom and pop store, being online is simply good practice for owning a business in the 21st century. But it doesn’t just end with having a website with your location and a nice ‘About Us’ page. To institute customer loyalty program, it’s best to incorporate it into your webpage and your online presence, including social media. This will not only drive more customers to check you out online, but it prevents the problem of just giving customers a physical card which ends up getting lost in their wallet anyways. The world is going digital, so there’s no excuse for your business not to be. An online loyalty program with a digital card or identification serves to keep customers in the fold whenever they please with helpful information and rewards minus the hassle of a piece of plastic.

Getting in With the Mobile Crowd

But more than just being online and having your site look great on a desktop, you need to be looking great for all devices, and in particular smartphones. By investing in a responsive design, your site will look great on the go for people who are already in your store and want to sign up for rewards on the spot. After you’ve implemented a great app or mobile website, make sure it’s ridiculously easy for users to sign up and get started. Forget long forms that need to be filled out with information about their great aunt’s maiden name and the past three addresses they’ve lived at. Instead, simply ask for their name and email for them to get access. Long forms scare people – they think they’re committing to something, and they don’t want to take the time and effort to put in all their info. Make it simple for your customers, and make sure employees encourage them to sign up for your stellar rewards right there on the spot.

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Your Reward System

Finally, just as was mentioned at the beginning of this post, you gotta give something to get something. The first step to getting people to sign up is making it easy for them, but the next step, and perhaps the most important one is convincing them that it’s in their best interest to do so. Don’t give crappy, gimmicky rewards – instead, come up with a system that will truly reward customers, especially long term ones, with great discounts, secret sales, and even potentially free giveaways. Freebies don’t even have to be that pricey in nature for you, and can even be free to produce. You could include a nifty reusable tote bag with a cool graphic relevant to your brand printed on it, or you could even provide informational freebies. Giving customers cool user guides for products or services with worthwhile, useful content free of charge is an awesome way to make them feel smart for signing up with you, and has the added bonus of building their trust in your brand over time. There are a lot of things you can offer with a customer rewards program, but the key is to get creative and really offer something that your customer will appreciate.

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