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Today it’s a given that you need to be creating stellar content if you want anyone to spend more than five seconds on your website. However, that’s not even enough anymore. The creation process for content can be expensive and time-consuming in and of itself, and the ROI won’t be nearly as high as it should be if you aren’t doing the legwork to promote the content you produce. If you’re going to go through all the trouble of developing a content strategy, creating it consistently, and paying for it in time and money regularly, your efforts need to be paying off. (If you missed our latest post about establishing a content strategy, here you go.) Although it may take more work, content promotion is the next step to take in getting the most out of what you’re already producing anyways. Read on to learn the five steps to start promoting your content better today.

1. Research Your Target Audience and Target Channels

Your first step is to thoroughly understand your audience or customer segment along with the best channels or platforms where you can reach them. There isn’t enough money in the world to promote to the wrong people in the wrong places, let alone the money for your marketing budget. Be smart and use online tools like Buzzsumo or Social Crawlytics to better define your placement strategy.

2. Understand Promotion Methods

Next, develop an outline of the promotion methods your business must focus on. These include paid, earned, and owned methods of promotion. Paid advertising allows marketers to reach a new audience, and generally follows the maxim that you get out what you put in. Earned advertising is based on credibility your brand has developed through outreach or mention by industry influencers. Last, owned advertising is through any channels you already own, and includes email marketing, your blog, website, and social media. Each method should be utilized to the fullest extent possible, but your efforts in promoting content will typically be in the paid and earned methods of promotion, as owned channels will typically attract existing users or customers.

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3. Develop a Plan for Content Promotion

After you have a general idea of which promotional areas to focus on, it’s time to develop a more complete and specific content promotion plan. Define the overall strategy, your desired goals for the campaign, the overall budget to promote content, a schedule for understanding timing and defining when promotional activities will occur, and how you will execute the plan. This will ensure your research and planning efforts will maximize the potential for success.

4. Understand Your Metrics

While the plan is being executed, it’s imperative to be collecting and analyzing data and metrics to understand how successful your efforts have been. Metrics should be compared to the goals you set for yourself in the plan you developed in the previous step, and should always be recorded for use in creating and tailoring future campaigns.

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5. Always be Tweaking Strategy

Finally, with your metrics in hand, you should constantly be tailoring your efforts to get the most out of your content promotion. One goal you should always maintain in your content promotion plan is to constantly become more efficient to get the most value for your dollar. Run A/B tests, try different channels and approaches to test for results if possible, and create records of all campaigns along with successes and failures.

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