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5 Reasons Your Content Marketing is Failing

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Marketing has always been a delicate art form, and some would consider it to be getting more complicated over time as technology platforms evolve daily and tastes change overnight. But one constant that will continue to hold true in gauging your marketing success online will be your content. Is it interesting, engaging, or most importantly, valuable to your readers? These are things every business owner must know, as well as how they’re structuring content and what their overall marketing strategies entail. If you aren’t doing these things, you’re missing out big time. To keep from getting crushed by competitors, read on to understand the five most common reasons of content marketing failures.

1. You Have no Clue Who Your Audience Is

First of all, do you know who you’re targeting with your content? If you don’t know, all your efforts to create content won’t be nearly as effective as they could be. To remedy this, it’s useful to create a user persona when you develop your content to describe who you think your average reader or customer may be. With this stereotypical user in mind, you develop your content based on their interests. Check to see how successful you’re targeting the right audience with metrics and analytics tools.

2. Your Pages Loads Slower than Dial-Up

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If your page is taking more than a couple of seconds to load, most people are going to go someplace else to get whatever they wanted from you. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that attention spans are at an all time low on the web, and people aren’t going to wait even a few seconds longer than they have to for your page to load. Push down load times by compressing images and using tools like Google Page Speed to identify where your site is lagging.

3. You Never Incorporated SEO

If you didn’t incorporate SEO strategies into your original content marketing plan, you’ve committed a massive oversight. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep struggling. Utilize good keyword densities, place keywords in headlines and page URLs, post content that’s more than 1,000 words, and place strong outbound links and links to other pages on your site throughout your content to boost your SEO rankings today.

4. You Don’t Know What Responsive Design Is

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to visit a site to find out it looks like garbage on your phone. Don’t be this inconsiderate site owner – keep in mind the mobile users who will try to visit your page on their phones or tablets, and you’ll be sure to keep more than half of your average visitors happy.

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5. Your Content is Crappy

Last but most importantly is your content itself. Be honest with yourself – does it suck? Would you want to read it if you were your customer? The goal should be to create content that will capture your reader’s interest and provide them with valuable, useful information without necessarily selling something to them right off the bat. Overly promotional content wreaks of poor salesmanship and will have people closing out of your site like a cheap pop-up ad. Finally, don’t forget your headlines, as these are the money-makers. It’s commonly held that 80% of readers will see your headline, but only 20% will actually read the body of your content. Capture a greater amount of that 80% by creating headlines that are sure to grab their attention without letting go.

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