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Does your Community Management follow these tips?

Cm skills

1. Communication is Everything

New companies and mega-corporations face barriers in community building. Chances are, you’ve already analyzed demographics, geographic data, and trending phenomena regarding your business. However, building communities requires going a step further. Communication is golden.


This is an oft-overlooked tool for developing businesses. Using self-alerts are a great way to keep track of who is keeping an eye on you. Not only is this is a low-cost and easy way to generate leads, it’s also a way to initiate inventory of the company’s first priorities in terms of goods and services, as these are what you will ultimately set you alerts for!

The Scale-Down

Small-scale operations shouldn’t be afraid to take a holistic approach. Rapid development and expansion for the sake of it doesn’t translate for communities that want to feel a personal connection to a brand. Its difficult to connect with an impersonal organization that appears to follow a marketing template as rote.

2. Learning by Comparison

Big brand acknowledgement isn’t enough. Big data can only say so much. Pick up the phone and call your customer. Get a feel for what they’re looking for. Create a platform through which they can freely share their thoughts or feedback through social media or even mail-in cards!

Promote Relationships

Strong communities are not accomplished in the wink of an eye. In business terms, you could be working for years to build a reputable brand. Promotional prizes, gadgets, and gizmos can all seem like easy ways to strengthen a brand, but this has nothing to do with people, only their proclivity towards consumerism. Depending upon services sold, some companies even offer to sponsor meetups in which their products are used. For example, if your company sells maternity clothing, sponsoring a new mom’s meetup might be worth examining. Using forums are a great way to do this as well.

Mutual Benefit Factor

Giving your customers a group in which to discuss your goods or services promotes interaction and conversation in a day and age where we all feel overwhelmed by the gizmos and gadgets we all possess. Ever feel like you spend more time with the computer than with a human being? This is something that many people can understand, so an inverse trend may be happening as relationships become more valuable than swag.

You’re brand can create bonds with communities.

3. Rinse and Repeat

Focus your strategy around these tips, but be consistent. Here is where the classic business advice returns. Consistency is everything, especially in building communities.

These strategies are only small examples of what community managers are doing on a regular basis to build brands within communities.

Expand the concept

You can go beyond consumers, targeting companies that offer goods and services complementary to your. Don’t be afraid to think big on this one. If you can gain exposure to new communities while offering the same. Partnership works!

Go Global

Last, but definitely not least, communities can be formed with world wide attention. The easiest way for a small-scale business to do this is through local and regional development. While this is happening, the use of online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and other can lead people to your own community platform across cultures!

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