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Your Customers Just Wanna Have Fun!

Ondrej supitar

In recent years, benefits of gamification has become popular among entrepreneurs who are looking to significantly grow their businesses. Games are created via apps to engage customers and build bonds of loyalty. If you missed our post about the best examples of gamification here you go. When playing these games, clients have a chance to win award points that lead to receiving discounts or freebies.

Customer Acquisition

When retailers and other business owners make decisions about what they will offer, they perform a variety of activities to collect information from customers. Such activities include, but are not limited to: surveys, polls and tracking purchasing trends. Since these methods can be time consuming and even expensive, gamification is now becoming the new way to collect information that is vital for making crucial decisions that will bring about success. For example, you can employ gamification to measure the responses of clients and prospects to various styles before launching them in their stores. When the right products and services are offered, customers will continue to be pleased and do business for a long time to come. Prospects will convert to paying customers with ease.

Customer Loyalty

Games are addictive, and everyone loves playing them. Also, people love to compete against themselves and others. Additionally, everyone loves to learn and master new skills. Retailers and entrepreneurs can harness this love for competition, learning and addiction to games to increase customer loyalty. Customers can solve a puzzle to win points to purchase a free product or service. Levels can be achieved for coupons to be won. Skills can be mastered or a certain number of trivia questions can be answered to unlock treasures that will enable promotions to be enjoyed that are not available in any other way.

Jan Vasek

Gamify Everywhere and Everytime

According to the Business Insider, the usage of mobile devices and apps are becoming more prevalent than desktop computers. Tech Crunch reports that in the year of 2014, individuals spent an average of two hours and 42 minutes on mobile devices each day. People seldom ever travel without some sort of mobile device on their person. Games are played to pass the time while on lunch breaks, waiting at airports or spending time in doctor’s offices. Because the use of mobile devices is increasing and people are absolutely game crazy, it only makes sense to develop new and innovative games to get people well acquainted with your brand.

Creating fun mobile game apps will guarantee that your brand will become a household name in no time. Your business will constantly remain on the minds of folks near and far. Word about your company will spread like wildfire.

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