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A Playground Full of Brand Ambassadors


Monkey See, Monkey Do

What could be cuter than a habitat full of little Capuchin monkeys all imitating that one kid making faces up against the railing? He grins; they grin. He waves; they wave. Capuchin are intelligent creatures, and they don’t think of themselves as acting foolish or just following the crowd. They see one kid pressed as close as he can get and focused on what they’re doing and realize, “He’s paying attention to me.” Capuchin are social creatures; they crave that kind of attention. That kid is giving them the one thing they need the most, and they’re rewarding him in turn. It’s the most elementary kind of social influence. Everyone just wants to get in on the fun.

Sharing Is Believing

Your online community is composed of people competing for attention, desiring nothing more than to be part of a positive shared experience. Their habitat just happens to be distributed across the entire country, possibly the entire world. They don’t get to see what’s happening unless someone in their community shares it. And unless someone shares, it might as well not be happening. The channels are many and versatile, to name just a few: personal email, instant messaging, social networks, and blog posts. We trust our friends, and when they like something there’s a pretty good chance we’ll like it too.

Sharing the Monkey Bars

You’ve got a brand message that you want to communicate, but you don’t want to be pushy. You just want to get your community from one side of the playground’s horizontal ladder to the other. Slim that message down to the bare bones, make it entertaining or informative, and make it easy to share. As soon as the first Capuchin sees you paying attention to him and having fun swinging on the monkey bars, he’ll pick it right up. Two people are easier to see than one. If three little monkeys are doing it, then it must be fun. The proof of value or entertainment is in the social interaction. An activity shared is a brand message multiplied.

Seeking Out New Playgrounds

Your online community belongs to hundreds of other online communities who have no idea that you now have monkey bars. When your content entertains and informs your members and is easy to share, they’ll tell their friends. We love sharing things with our friends that are going to improve their lives. We’ll go over to their playgrounds and tell them about our monkey bars. All we have to do is point to those people already enjoying your content; everybody will want to get in on the fun.

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