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9 SEO Tips For Your Posts

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If you aren’t maximizing your SEO abilities today, you’re missing out on gaining the organic traffic that could give your website and business the additional boost it needs. Read through and follow these quick SEO tips to succeed in optimizing your site.

1. Content is King

This is potentially the most important aspect of SEO. You’ll hear it everywhere too – but are you doing it? Content can no longer be a sloppy afterthought if you’re to rank higher in the eyes of Google and the like. Develop a good content strategy, hire a killer content writer who understands your business, and watch new users flock to your site in droves.

2. Clean Up Your Design

Next, clean up your page to make it easy on the eyes. Search engines are said to rank pages based on user bounce rate and time spent on page. If your design is ugly or harsh, people will naturally want to leave sooner rather than later.

3. Keep Keyword Density Low

Keyword density is important, but only in extreme moderation. You should be aiming for between 1%-3% of your keywords within all posts and pages. Make sure you’re placing keywords within headlines as well.

4. Write Long Posts

Long posts are indicative of well thought out, non-spammy content. Go deep on subjects that will interest your readers and keep them reading. Plus, this will be a sure way to keep them on the page longer!

5. Ensure Clean, Keyword Friendly URLs

One of the easiest tips is simply to use a keyword friendly URL for each post or page. Don’t rely on default URL names – make sure your keyword is in there, it’s short, and it’s to the point.

6. Use Different Media

Text is great, but it’s not enough. Humans are visceral, sensory creatures, and we need to ‘see to believe’. Place some beautiful, relevant, top-notch photos and video on each page if you can. Use websites like https://stocksnap.io/ or https://unsplash.com/ for gorgeous, free stock photos that will really catch the eye of your users.

7. Place Links to Other Posts/Pages Within Your Site

Linking to other pages or posts within your website is a boon to good SEO. It proves you have other relevant content on the site and keeps users clicking through. If your content is interesting and provides value to your users, they’ll be sure to keep browsing through your pages and will boost the ever-valuable time spent on page metric for your site.

8. Place Good Outbound Links

Linking to other authoritative and relevant sources can immediately lend higher credibility to your site as well. Place links within posts that are relevant, but ensure that you set them to open up in another window. You want to provide valuable content and information to your user, even if it’s on another site, but you don’t want them leaving if you can help it!

9. Incorporate Social Media

Finally, make sure you include social media sharing icons and create or improve your social media profiles as well. This will easily get people spreading the word for you and increases the likelihood of more outbound links pointing to your site from elsewhere on the web. What more could you ask for?

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