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9 Reasons to Develop your Online Brand Community


The inception of social media has opened a world of communication and sharing among people from all over the world in a manner that previously was unimaginable. By utilizing savvy community management, businesses can create an online community as a social medias strategy to improve the bottom line and customer base while developing their brand community.


To continue to grow and prosper businesses need their customers to return to their page repeatedly. This can be encouraged with the creation of a brand specific social media site where these visitors can acquire information, request product or services, and have social discussions that are specific to the brand. Having this group of visitors that are interested in the business will result in repeat visitors to the business social media site.It is important for a business to be noticed by the public in order to generate sales and new customers. Having a social networking site to promote the business such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram generates business from a large group of participants. The issue that businesses face is that most of these people will only access the site one time.

Mobile Access

With the growth of portable devices to view information via the internet, creating an online brand community strategy will reach more viewers at one time than ever before. Secondary pages that are sent out by the business to customers and potential visitors can be seen by prospective customers at any time and any where.

Social Brand

To get the customers that the business needs to target for repeated internet interaction the business needs to highlight their brand by creating their own online brand community. This involves creating a platform for the admirers, followers, and customers to come together with the exclusive commonality of the business brand. Businesses that limit their saturation only to common community platforms risk being lost in the sea of inactive contributors. By creating a specific social media strategy a business can reach a more targeted audience.

Data Collection

When a business only uses traditional social medias to build a brand community, the host of the social site uses the consumer and visitor information to compile a large amount of data about the consumers. When a business sets up their own social media site they are able to use the site to compile their own specific data charts concerning the visitors to their sites. This may include such things as product purchasing patterns, number of visits, and other strategic marketing information that would normally be transmitted to the host platform.

Member Interaction

Developing its own online community that is targeted to a specific business or service gives that enterprise the advantage of being able to closely interact and contact the specific members that are highly and actively interested in the business or service. Creating this social site will allow the business to target their marketing to the demographic that will result in the best sales and customer interaction.

Joining Medias

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and others are great platforms for a business to spread the word about their products or services. The pages that are created for these highly social platforms can be directly linked back to the business’ social media page. This will encourage new visitors to join the exclusive online community that the business or service supports. Having these publicly social sites linked directly back to the business’ social page is an excellent example of community management and social medias strategy.

Create a Buzz

When a business has great community management they are able to attract new business as well as keep the current customer levels. By creating unique content and special offers to members of the social site a business can encourage current members to share the business brand and offerings to their community of mobile social media acquaintances.

With a few simple clicks on the screen, these members of the business’ social site can transmit specials, offers, and invitations to hundreds or thousands of potential customers at once. These offers and invitations can then be directed right back to the business’ social media site where the viewer can indulge in all that the business has to offer them. Each one of these visitors adds to the statistical data that is collected by the business’ social media site.

By creating their own online community platform for a business, all pages and advertisements for a business can be directed back to the branded community pages of the business. This eliminates the need for the business to track the statistics and data from other social sites and gives the business the advantage of being able to collect vital information from a number of different platforms. All of the traffic will be directed to flow to the business’ brand social page where all of the user data can be collected and analyzed for further community management decisions and actions.

Retaining Followers

The creation of new and interesting material for a brand specific social media site will help a business to retain the current followers and generate new members. It is important to update material and include information to the visitors that is relevant and specific to the business or service. Having a brand specific social media site allows the business to create multiple pages of different content that will keep members coming back to visit the social page. Smart community management will result in the return and increase in activity on the business’ social media site.

The ability for people to access information from anywhere at anytime gives businesses more opportunities to collect relative data, reach potential customers, and to stay in touch with current customers via the internet. Having a platform dedicated to their brand community and using traditional media to increase its visibility allow businesses to take advantages of this new opportunities.

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