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8 Flourishing Online Brand Communities Examples


What is common between someone as popular as Beyonce and Dylan Moran who has a smaller but niche audience base? The dedication of their fans – the people who make them what they are. A small brand and a bigger brand exist in a similar environment. A brand online community is one way in which people who have a “shared consciousness” in relation to a brand come together. Here are 8 online brand communities that are definitely doing it right.

1. Figment


One of the world’s biggest publishers, Random House, has this online book community that has more than 300,000 users. It was established in 2010 and has a thriving user base from 13 – 18 years.

2. Beauty Talk


This online brand community from Sephora not only facilitates discussion and an exchange of tips between users, it offers a lot more. For instance, advice from Sephora experts, celebrity tips, video tutorials, and so on.

3. Lugnet


Mindstorms NXT would be nothing if it weren’t for the community members of Lugnet. Despite having its target audience as teen boys, the members were mostly men who were in the age group of 40 – 50 years. This easily proves that a brand online community is a business strategy instead of being a marketing strategy.

4. Kraft Recipes


This is Kraft’s community where people discuss their recipes, follow each other, share their cooking stories and have a lot of fun. It is more that just a recipe site.

5. My Starbucks Idea


This community has led to over 277 implemented innovations and more than 150,000 ideas from customers and members, and this includes free Wi-Fi at Starbucks and skinny drinks.

6. My Sears Community

MySears Community

This is a community by Sears and is for those shoppers who love to research a bit before they buy anything. The result is a prolific community where people write reviews and ultimately, a place where brand loyalty is generated.

7. Oracleoracle

This community has brought together people who like the products by Oracle Corp. Birthdays, videos, pictures, personal stories, blogs and so much more is shared here.

8. Good Hands

GoodHandsNewsStarted by AllState, this community offers handy finance tips to people. Not just that, it has a section for events, meetings and various causes.

In order to create a successful brand online community, companies need to be open to diverse opinions and should be willing to implement good ideas.

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