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7 Reasons Small Businesses Should Care About Content Marketing

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1. Content Stays Indefinitely

With your business or service, the value you provide must be provided over and over again. When you create content in the form a valuable and helpful article or blog post, it stays valuable forever (or as long as the information remains helpful). Moreover, it sometimes takes one blog post to go viral and attract readers (which in turn convert to clients/customers) years after first posting it. Your content will disappear only if the entire internet collapses or you delete the content yourself.

2. Content Is A Dialogue

If you have comments enabled or make it easy for readers to contact you, then you invite readers to contribute positively to your business. Readers can offer you suggestions, link you to other businesses, and sometimes you will be surprised by the kinds of long-term relationships – business or personal – you can form with your readers. The more open and responsive you are, the more content you will be able to create. Commonly asked questions will not only inspire new content but will also direct the course of your business.

3. Social Media Becomes a Non-Issue

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All you have to do is post links to your content on all of your Social Media profile pages. Valuable content will create buzz without much effort.

4. Content Offers You Feedback From Readers

If you and your business strive to have a constant and on-going dialogue with your readers, you can really transform your business blog into something spectacular. By proactively seeking feedback through fun things like reader surveys, polls, teleconferences, or AMA’s you will take your business to the next level.

5. Content is Leverage for Your Business

The main purpose of content marketing is to solve people’s or businesses’ problems. While you can offer a lot of value for free, you can always use your content as an advertising vehicle. If you become an authority in your specific niche then it is only natural that you charge for your services or products beyond the free content you provide. For B2B businesses, it is best to think of content marketing as a form of advertising. More importantly if you do not charge for valuable services, people or businesses will try to take advantage of you.

6. Content Improves SEO

If you were to set up a basic website for your business, there is only so much you can do with SEO. A content blog with just a little bit of SEO will drive search engine traffic to your blog and, therefore, to your business. Since a content marketing blog is constantly updated, that also means that it stays present on search engines.

7. Content Creates Opportunities

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Not only can you leverage your blog for your business, you can become a trusted expert in your niche and take your business and career in many directions.

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