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Do you Cover this 6 Elements of Inbound Marketing?

Piotr lohunko

Being heard above the noise of the Internet and getting to the right leads is an incredible challenge today. Marketing is half art form half money-sucking pit, but you need to do it right if you want to succeed in the competitive online landscape. For small to medium-size businesses, inbound marketing is probably your best bet. It’s more focused and uses resources more carefully to acquire leads that are already hot or more likely to convert. Inbound marketing contains six elements which should be used together to achieve the best results possible for your business. Read on to see how to incorporate these elements into your business today.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the development of unique content for your customers. It should be interesting, provide value, and be produced consistently. It should not just be a bunch of sales writing. The company Michelin mastered the art of content marketing more than 100 years ago when they created the Michelin guide.

Michelin Guide

Even though the company’s main product was tires, the Michelin brothers who started the company decided they could get people to drive more and buy more tires if they created guides for them for different locations across the world. Today, the Michelin guide and the Michelin rating system for restaurants is world renowned and known as the final say in fine dining, and the general public can now equate finer things and travel with Michelin tires.

2. Landing Pages

A landing page is the page a visitor is sent to after clicking on a link to your website. This page typically contains a simple form for a lead to enter in his or her email address, which is the goal of the landing page. This allows the business to grow their email list and nurture the lead through email marketing, which is discussed next. Landing pages should be simple, clean, enticing, and offer something to leads for them to enter their information. Here is a great example.

3. Email & Lead Nurturing

With a strong email list of good leads, the best way to move the leads through the sales cycle is by email marketing and lead nurturing. Simply put, email marketing is used by sending emails to leads consisting of offers, links to blog posts, or free materials. Email marketing must be used intelligently, and you should avoid crossing over to the dark side of spam at all costs. Always be offering value, never be spammy and over-the-top with your sales tactics, and don’t fill up people’s inboxes regularly. Check out this link for more information on email and lead nurturing.


4. Social Media

Social Media is another great inbound marketing channel to find and develop new leads. The wonderful thing about social media is that it can be fairly easy to set up and use if you’ve already developed a good content marketing strategy and have produced content. Content can be repurposed for sites like Facebook, and brief overviews of topics can be Tweeted with links to your website for the full post. Social Media is an incredible way to reach your most desirable demographic and gain feedback on your efforts too, as we’ll see next.

5. Marketing Analytics

The Web is incredible because it allows you to see how successful your marketing efforts have been. There’s no more shooting in the dark; every click, conversion, and purchase can be monitored, logged, and analyzed. There are tons of resources and tools for discovering how best to tailor your efforts based on your data, and Google Analytics is one of the best. Similarly, social media sites like Facebook also provide analytics for any advertising that is done on their site as well.

6. SEO

Finally, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another great way to acquire new leads by boosting traffic to your site. SEO can take a concentrated effort however, and it’s best to build an SEO friendly site from the ground up instead of trying to change your site afterwards. This doesn’t mean you should give up on SEO if your site isn’t geared towards it though. Search engine rankings can always be boosted, especially by doing all of the previously mentioned things in this post. By having good content, increasing the number of visitors to your page, having a clean website design, and building strong social media channels, you’ll be well on your way to establishing the fundamentals of good SEO.

Inbound marketing is essential for today’s online businesses and marketers. By using these six elements, you’ll be putting your effort in all the right places. Each of these requires a consistent effort and a lot of care and attention, but with the right stuff, you’re sure to see some remarkable gains and grow your business over time.

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