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5 Resources You Already Have for Your Brand Community


Here are the 5 dimensions your company already owns and should take advantage of to launch its online community:

Your company culture

It is very likely that a sense of community already exists in your company culture; it is created by your employees. By observing the positive interactions your employees have in relation to your business, you can begin to envision the values you would like to promote to a community formed around your brand.

Your insiders’ point of view

Your employees can be the first to evaluate your content marketing efforts. To this effect, you can use a tool to build an online social network internally for your company; once this network is established, you can publish marketing content and ask employees for their opinion and interaction.

Your Human Being

Once the above has been accomplished, you can move the enterprise social network out in the open so that clients and prospects become aware of the content and the interactions that the employees already had among themselves. Human nature will prompt clients and prospects to join the burgeoning community and engage in similar interactions.

Your brand ambassadors

Don’t forget about brand ambassadors. In the beginning, you will probably want to choose your most engaging employees to be brand ambassadors; however, you should also note that vibrant communities may need a full-time community manager or brand ambassador. Content marketing and community interaction are tasks that require dedicated time; it may be very difficult for an employee to carry out his or her duties while simultaneously fulfilling the role of brand ambassador.

Your social side

Online communities should evoke a feeling of being 100 percent human. To this end, you should encourage detailed profiles, nice photographs of community members, frequent commenting, etc.

The key to getting properly started with community building is to tap into your company’s most valuable resources: your employees.

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