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5 Questions You Need to Answer to Establish Your Online Content Strategy

Mihail ribkin

You’ve gotten your business established, and you are rearing to go. Now, all you need is a strong online content strategy built around your brand so you will have a large pool of potential clientele who will trust and believe in you. You may think that the process of building a successful online community is a difficult process; however, you can do this with ease by following five proven content marketing strategies.

1. Where are your Customers Online?

Look for social networks where people are already talking about your product or service. This is a step that will help if you have already been promoting your product or service for some time. If you find that more people are talking about you on Facebook rather than Twitter, then you want to put all of your efforts on that social media platform first. Once you have built a solid community on Facebook, then you can work on community building efforts elsewhere. Experts recommend that you work on one community at a time so you can provide it with a strong foundation and ensure its longevity.

2. What’s the Added Value of your Content?

Put in the time and effort to know all of your users. This is a content marketing strategy that works whether you have communities that are already firmly in place or need to build one from scratch. What you will need to do is perform a search on your particular product or service or search for something that relates to your product or service. You can even conduct a search on your competitors to see what users are saying about them. Once you find these users, follow them and engage them in interesting conversation. The key here is to get to know what they are about so you can appeal to their interests and get them to trust and join you.

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3. Which Resources do you Already Have?

Leverage connections that you already have. This is a surefire content marketing strategy that is sure to win every single time. You can ask people who are already on your friends list to join your community and offer them a deal that they cannot resist for doing so. You can also use an email list to get existing community members to follow you in other places. A real winner is to host teleconferences that will provide something of substance that existing community members can use and will find interesting.

4. Are you Sharable Enough?

On every page of your website, you need to make sure there are sharing features available, and you want to make sure they are easy to use. After all, you want to make sure people can spread the word about you far and wide.

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5. Who are your Influencers?

Think about quality and not just quantity when it comes to your fan base. You may be tempted to follow everyone and their mama and papa because you want a fan base that consists of hundreds and thousands of users. Do not do this as this is the wrong approach. The last thing you want is a bunch of people on your list of followers who will serve absolutely no purpose at all to you. Follow people who you can tell is sharing your content and engaging with you.

Do not get discouraged if you do not see immediate results. This process involves a significant amount of time and effort, especially in the beginning. After about a month of hard work, you will start to see your efforts pay off, and this will give you the shot in the arm needed to continue. Before you know it, you will have multiple thriving online communities who will advocate for your brand in a way that you never can.

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