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5 Gamification Trends to Play Your Brand Right

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In today’s hyper-digitized world, it’s not enough for marketing strategies to stop at SEOs. Brands require less talk and more interaction, increased real-world mobility and – most imperatively – open and assured loyalty.

Gamification trends provides the perfect solution to meet these modern goals. Marketing experts don’t lie. More than 70 percent of the world’s top 2,000 global brands will apply gaming techniques to their marketing metrics by the end of the year, a serious trend not to scoff at.

Why, you ask? What can mirroring gaming elements add to your brand? Let’s work this one out.

1. Creating a community

Like the virtual teams of any video game, brands need followers – and not passive, isolated ones. Gamification heightens consumer visibility and creates interfaces for groups to share and show off. Incorporating brand leaderboards, implementing badges and point for status, allowing seamless payment, gifting, and rewarding brand interaction online mediates real, communal interaction. Your customers are your tribe and you want to keep them social.

2. Blending the big data

With its ability to track, quantify, and analyze large amounts of user patterns, big data is a marketer’s best friend. Its strategic input allows analytics to move from the abstract to the implemented, with real-time behaviors and activities monitored.

Gamification offers unparalleled resources for reliable and up-to-date big data, which means optimal outputs. It gathers information from customers, lurkers, partners, analysts, and employees alike and channels it into a progressive and vivid company vision.

3. Muscling up metrics

Which of your social media channels are most effective? What types of stories or press releases garner large traffic? Are consumer reviews favorable? Is your brand represented in the tone and style you wish?

While analytics go a long way in image implementation, gamification activates and elevates these tools. It can easily portray what online aspects your company needs to tweak or improve, where growth is floundering and gaps need to be filled.

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4. Entertaining advantages

After all, the best marketing strategies have customers returning time and time again. And what better way to keep ‘em coming then making things fun?

There’s a reason people enjoy gaming, from the competition and rush of success to status and achievement. Gamification, even at its lightest employment, facilitates these very drives. When you make your brand fun to participate with, when you incentivize and positively reinforce, you’ll find some equally fun results.

5. Going beyond the game

The future of gamification will take all these game elements but places them in a real-world, physical context. Social sharing combines with competition and peaks in objects like wearables (think Fitbits and even the Apple Watch), of which the behavioral tendencies behind gamifying has helped inspire. Your customers want to be seen as knowledgable and savvy. Let them showcase this with multichannel wearables, driving your brand in one of the most effortless and cost-effective strategies possible.

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