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5 Digital Marketing Challenges to Take Up


In today’s highly competitive business world, commercial enterprises rely on the strength of their brands in order to be successful. To this effect, the branding process has largely moved to the Internet, where the strength of a brand can be measured by the level of engagement of its online community.

To keep their online communities properly engaged, brand managers must identify various opportunities for digital marketing. Taking advantage of these opportunities is crucial to the branding process, and it requires efficient management of digital marketing resources. With an online community platform, digital marketing can be easily managed to take advantage of the following opportunities:

Mobile Branding

Creating a dedicated mobile app for brand followers is a smart approach to digital marketing. The advent and constant improvement of mobile technologies is transforming the way we access the Internet; in the case of the brands we follow, we enjoy interacting with them on a more personal level when we connect to them via our smartphones and tablets.

Social Media Conversion

Prospective customers and clients can be converted into loyal brand followers by leveraging the power of social media. Online communities that develop around social networks offer greater opportunities for conversion due to their inviting nature and friendly atmosphere. Major brands such as Starbucks take advantage of social networks by featuring digital marketing content that speaks to loyal followers and curious prospects alike; for example, a press release about a new Starbucks cafe opening typically mentions perks for Rewards Card holders as well as special promotion for those who may be new to the gourmet coffee experience.

Digital Marketing Automation

Managing an online community from a dedicated platform allows business owners to automate various marketing tasks. Email marketing campaigns, for example, can be created, scheduled and analyzed from within an online community platform.

Online Community Analytics

No decision concerning digital marketing should be undertaken without a careful review of available analytics. Online community platforms feature dashboards that provide easy access to comprehensive data about brand followers, and the valuable information that can be analyzed includes demographics and specific interests.

Content Creation and Management

Once the analytics of an online community have been studied, content creation becomes more intuitive and effective. Using an online community platform, brands can improve their digital marketing efforts by hosting all their content in a central location where it can be easily managed. One idea in this regard would be the implementation of editorial calendars, whereby content is produced in advance and scheduled for publishing in accordance to certain events such as seasonal promotion, holidays, corporate milestones, etc.

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