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4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Content

Ryan mcguire

If you’ve worked hard to create some great content, you need to be putting in the extra effort to get the return on investment you deserve. Having great content on a website or blog is wonderful, but without content optimization and introducing it to the proper channels or leads, you might as well be doing something else that’s more worthy of your time. By doing these four things, you’ll be going the extra mile to get your content out far and wide while mastering the art of content optimization.

1. Reel Them in

Boriskin Vladislav

Before your content gets out, it has to be good, and it has to have somewhat of a hook. A hook doesn’t have to be an obvious sales technique; in fact, if you’re doing content marketing, you’d be better off leaving any and all sales techniques out of your content and instead supplying potential customers with great information they can use. A hook means making sure you have a layout for all your content that grabs people’s attention and keeps them coming back for more. Include eye-snatching headlines, bright and colorful pictures, simple yet insightful graphs and infographics, and some well written content that fills in the blanks. Finally, post it to your blog or website on a regular basis.

2. Share it and Spread it

After creating and posting great content, you’ll definitely want to repurpose it across all the social media platforms that you regularly use. For Twitter, identify some hashtags and come up with a catchy tweet with a link to the full post. On Facebook or Instagram, include an interesting photograph that was either used in your post or pick another one that will be sure to grab viewer’s attention. Either way, good content needs to be spread as much as possible for content optimization, and social media offers some of the best channels to do so.

3. Email it

Newsletter Crezeo

Email marketing is an essential part of any strong marketing mix. If you’ve created some stellar content including something along the lines of an extensive guide or a white paper on a new product within your industry, sending out links to this content through email can gain you many more views and can also keep hot lists of leads in the mix. You can also post some additional content within emails to promote clicks to your site, or even include some portions of your content to pique their curiosity. There are many ways to creatively incorporate email marketing, and if you’re already producing great content, you should be sending it out to the leads that want it.

4. Interact with Niche Communities

In the era of long-tail economics, there is almost assuredly a community of people somewhere online who are deeply passionate about whatever market your business serves. It’s important to make use of these communities by finding them and interacting with them on a regular basis. If you’re in business for these people, they’re all likely to be potential customers. It’s important to establish yourself as an authority to earn their trust and slowly develop them as leads through your sales funnel. Content can be repurposed on sites like LinkedIn and community forums, and it’s possible to develop conversations with people about your content through these mediums. This way, you aren’t simply promoting yourself either, but are also helping people and providing value to them solely by the virtue of your content. This way, both customers and the businesses they serve end up winning.

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