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4 Content Marketing Tips to Find Creative Post Ideas


Sometimes it can feel like you have written all that you can write. It seems as if all of your ideas are used up, and no matter what you do, you can’t find anything else to write about. But with these a few tips, you will be writing pages of post ideas in no time. They will help you create a never ending flow of post ideas into engaging content that will impress your readers and make you stand out above the crowd.

The Magazine Rule

How do magazines always seem to have consistent content that engages their readers? If you take a look at most magazines, you’ll notice that they re-run the same articles over and over again. You don’t always have to have a new idea, just take an old idea and put a new spin to it or write it through a new set of eyes for a different perspective. Take a look at your posts you have. Can any of them be rehashed to give a unique spin?

Rewrite headlines

If you have any old magazines laying around, take a look at the covers. One of the best activities for getting you post ideas in a short amount time is to look at these headlines and just replace the words with ones that are relevant to your content. Do a Google image search of magazine covers and you will be provided with thousands of titles that you can use to create your own content.

Expand on a current Post

Look through your old posts to see if there’s anything that you want to expand on. There could be a hidden idea or gem laying in the words that you can write an entire post on. If you casually mention an idea in one of your posts, write a post that breaks down and expands that idea for your readers. This makes it easy to also link back to your own post for more views.

Read the comments section

The purpose of your website is to get readers, so what better way to learn what the readers want than to actually read their comments? If you can pull something out of what your readers are saying or commenting on, then you’ll know exactly what they want to hear, and that is when you create content that mean something.

If you don’t have many commenters, go to a blog that is similar to yours and see what their readers are saying, then create that great information on your website.

Whether you are just starting out or if you’re a veteran blogger, these tips will provide you with a ton of post ideas that will engage your readers and get you more subscribers and visitors to your website.

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