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How to post your 3D models on Potion with Sketchfab


We are excited to announce that Potion now supports Sketchfab integrations. In one click, you can now post and view natively 3D content.

About Sketchfab

We live in a three-dimensional world but, until recently, our media has been mostly two-dimensional. 3D on the web refers to the relatively recent phenomenon of making three-dimensional digital assets viewable on the open internet. Sketchfab makes that possible with a viewer and rendering engine build for the web.

  • 3D is a novel way to interact with products on the web, and it allows detail and interaction that simply cannot be captured with classic images.

  • 3D is a truly engaging and immersive media, partnering with Potion, whose mission is to engage consumers, makes perfect sense.

  • Sketchfab is the home for 3D on the web : a platform for creators and brands to publish, share, discover 3D content.

  • Our 3D player is s compatible with all devices, browsers and ad servers, so adding interactivity and configurability to your platform is fairly simple.

  • It’s essentially a matter of uploading a model to Sketchfab and then embedding the model thanks to the new integration.

  • Ability to play via AR or VR directly from the web.

  • Our community has grown to 2,000,000 members (from half that just over a year ago) who have published more than 3,000,000 3D models on Sketchfab.
  • Bring your models to life

    Animation support brings your models to life. Today, you can integrate your 3D, AR and VR content directly into your campaign description or your publications update. All Sketchfab content is adapted mobile and tablets to give you the best browsing experience.


    Annotations help tell your story or point out the key points of your models.

    Intégration VR

    With the VR button, Sketchfab is the easiest way to publish and display your virtual reality game resources. View on your smartphone VR content with 3D VR glasses.

    How to integrate a 3D model Sketchfab on Potion

    Downloading a file is as easy as dragging the file from your desktop into the browser. To integrate your models easily, 3 steps are enough.

    Step 1: Create or Sign In to your Sketchfab account and create or access your template. Click on "Share" and copy the direct link as a URL.

    Share model

    Step 2: Access your Potion community and paste this link into the status editor.

    Homepage Sketchfab

    Step 3: Admire the result.

    Status Sketchfab

    We encourage you to post your Sketchfab templates to get more exposure in a dynamic community. The real advantage of this platform is that we can observe the models from every angle (thanks to the zoom function). This allows you to identify and analyze every little detail.

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