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3 Reasons Why you Should Be Using Gamification

Marco bonomo

Gamification involves apps, products, communities, or services that take on aspects of games to drive engagement. Examples of such elements include scores, achievements, collecting badges, and similar activities. By adding short-term goals, rewards, and incentives to a community or activity, gamification increases users’ attention and encourages them to participate. Using gamification is a common way to guide user engagement in a fun way. This post will explain the three main reasons of using gamification with examples from real communities.

1. For the Fun ot it

Few things are as good for a brand as users having fun with it. That means that they spend a lot of time engaging without even trying to, because they are entertained by the gaming aspects of the brand. A typical example is Heineken’s Star Player Game, an app that works like a betting platform during Champions League. Participants can answer predective questions such as “Will they score in the next 20 seconds?”.

Adding an entertainment factor to the sponsoring of a sportly event is a powerful way to incentivize engagement and increase brand awareness.

2. To get into your Customers’ competitive spirit

For some people, nothing is more exciting that a competition. Using gamification to add a competitive element to your brand community is a sure-fire way to increase engagement among this group. For example, consider Beat the GMAT.


Beat the GMAT is a community and product for aspiring MBA students who need to study for the GMAT test. Beat the GMAT provides a place to compare scores, make and beat challenges, and compete against other applicants. It also provides discounts for test prep materials and similar items. Gamification allows the competitive nature of the participants to drive them to grater engagement and more personal interest in the brand.

3. To Reward your Customers

Users love to get rewards for participating in content or engaging with a brand. A coupon or discount associated with a brand that users can access if they engage will draw in many people who might otherwise not be interested. Recyclebank is a good example.


It’s an app that provides rewards for people who learn about good environmental habits and purchase green items. They earn rewards in the form of coupons for major stores. Using gamification to reward engagement increases that engagement, even if the rewards are small- people like to feel rewarded for their time and effort.

Gamification is taking off for good reason- companies can use it in several different ways to increase user participation and engagement with the brand. It’s low-cost, fun, and attractive. Expect to see more and more brands adding game-like elements to their communities and apps so they can capture and hold user attention.

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