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3 Reasons to Use Marketing Automation

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If you could have a robot like the ones people envisioned in the 1950s to do all of your housework, bring you a soda while you watch TV, and walk the dog, would you want it? Of course you would! Automated solutions make everything easier for us; the biggest advantage of new technologies is that they provide us with more efficient ways of solving problems. Unfortunately, we still don’t have the ultimate butler or maid-robot available to us in 2015, but we do have some pretty remarkable tools. For those in business, marketing automation is one of those tools you can’t go without. Just like you wouldn’t pass up on a robot best-friend to do your homework, you’d be foolish to pass up on marketing automation to boost your marketing efforts.

Marketing Automation

So what is marketing automation? There are various kinds of marketing automation, and different software products offered from a multitude of vendors, but marketing automation is essentially any program or system that allows you to automate any business or marketing practices online. This includes email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, data collection and metrics analysis, and more. When properly implemented into an existing marketing mix that is already positively generating leads, a good marketing automation system can result in greater efficiencies while allowing those efforts to scale.

1. Work Smarter, not Harder

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There are a ton of benefits to marketing automation, one of the most significant being the ability to work more effectively and efficiently, especially for a small business. It can be difficult for smaller businesses to employ full-time marketing experts to run campaigns, generate user data, and work hand-in-hand with sales departments to establish strategies for sales funnels. Marketing automation software can give businesses owners the power to do a lot of this on their own. For example, running a blog or a platform to share content on a consistent basis can be time consuming and cost money. However, with a marketing automation solution, content can be created all at once and then set to be released at certain pre-set intervals or periods of time through the software.

2. More Time for the Things That Matter

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The beauty of marketing automation software is that it keeps the user in control of the processes or automated tasks that the system generates. For businesses to remain solvent, costs must be reduced as much as possible in areas that can be optimized, and marketing automation aids in optimizing all processes that can and should be automated. For example, you wouldn’t want to send a personally written email to every new person who signs up for your newsletter. With marketing automation, you can ensure that new leads get sent a welcome email as well as some important information about their registration, membership details, or anything else new users receive.

3. Keeping Up With the Joneses

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Finally, marketing automation solutions can be ideal for small businesses because they ensure that their users stay updated with the latest trends and best practices for marketing. The companies that create these software products are always making them better by adding features and streamlining tools and interfaces. Small businesses usually don’t have the time, energy, or money to spend learning about the latest and greatest ways to devise a social media campaign or capture new leads, so having a system to act as a guide can be a boon to business.

It’s important to understand however that for marketing automation to work for you, your business should already have some good marketing practices in place, including capable lead generation strategies. Marketing automation is a wonderful tool, but it can’t help a marketing campaign that has fundamental problems such as basic as understanding who your leads and customers generally are. If you do have the basics under control though, marketing automation can take your efforts to the next level to acquire more leads, get higher conversion rates, and boost your inbound marketing numbers.

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