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10 Reasons B2B Businesses Should Create Content Right Now

Jeff sheldon

1. Businesses Will Find You

Of course, for this to happen on a frequent basis you’ll need to learn a few Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks. Not to worry, it is easy. Most of the time whenever you create content for your blog just make sure to repeat a series of keywords a few times. Also, make sure to put keywords in a blog post’s html title and topic tags. Most important of all, if you create content that solves other people’s and business’s problems then it will only be a matter of time before other businesses find you.

2. The Blog Can Become its Own Business

It can happen that you close down your business but still have your blog generating traffic. If this is the case, then you will be able to make sell some products online or offer consulting services. If you are valuable among several B2B blogs, you will always have business.

3. You Have a Worldwide Audience

Wherever B2B blogs are set up, no matter what blogging platform is used, it can be accessed by anyone and anywhere where there is internet access. Just by creating a blog, you also effortlessly create a large distribution network.

Luis Llerena 3

4. You Can Form a Community

With a blog you can interact extensively with your audience. Just by opening you blog posts to comments, you can get feedback, get ideas for your content and even partner up and meet up with some commenters in real life. With B2B blogs, you not only inform but you also invite others to be a part of your business. If your blog gets enough traffic you can even set up a busy forum where other like-minded people can share their own ideas and solutions. Ultimately, your blog will be able to form an extensive business network based on receiving and reciprocating value – online and off.

5. You Can “Niche” Down

You can track the visitors and commenters that pass by your site. Since they will be able to link to their own B2B blogs, you will know quickly what demographic your own blog attracts.

6. Rant and Rave All You Want

Your blog can be a creative and emotional outlet. It is the perfect place to vent out whatever is on your mind. On your blog, you can create content that would make old ladies faint, and still have an audience that not only tolerates your controversial content but comes back for more.

Frantzou Fleurine

7. A Social Media Presence

If you make pages for your blog on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Reddit and Google+, then this seemingly daunting aspect of internet marketing will take care of itself.

8. You Can Eventually Make Your Blog “Hands-off”

You can always hire someone to create content for you. From inexpensive content sites to your own staff, this can become something you can hand off as you take care of your expanding business.

9. Form an Online Empire

Your business network does not simply have to be limited to your blog and your small network. You can use those as leverage. One or two successful blogs plus a dedicated audience equals the recipe for a strong and profitable web presence.

10. Blogging is Fun

Its not all about work. With your blog you can meet up with your readers, customers and business partners for all sorts of fun things. Parties, speaking engagements, and conventions are actually common among B2B blogs.

Zak Suhar

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