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10 Successful Niche Social Networks Examples


Niche social networks are everywhere: from readers to DIY communities it actually involves all industries. So let’s have an overview of ten successful of them!

1. Birdpost

An online community for bird watchers and all other bird lovers. Allows you to report bird sightings and look on a satellite for other sightings. Gives ability to browse for birds by name, region, and characteristics.

2. Book in a week

A site for writers and readers to find and exchange support during various literary projects. Look into many different book reviews and get ready for NaNoWriMo!

3. Goodreads

A site to connect readers as well as providing a place for authors and publishers to profile themselves. Find something new to read and people to discuss with. Not sure what to read and need recommendations, or just want to talk about an exciting chapter in what you already have? Goodreads is for you.

4. LibraryThing

Much like the two above, LibraryThing is a community of book lovers. It has over 1.6 million users full of writers, authors, publishers, and agents to discuss the literary arts. Enter what you are reading or your whole library for a library quality catalog of books. Make connections with others that share a passion for books.

5. Letterboxd

A site for the film lover. Keep a film diary, create and share lists, and connect with friends. Add reviews and ratings as you watch, create lists of your favorite films, and connect with Twitter and Facebook to keep watch on what your friends are doing too!

6. Wiser
A global community of over 70,000 users dedicated to a more sustainable world. Find thousands of organizations and people from around the world looking to spread and restore peace, justice, and hope to all.

7. Instructables

An online community to show off what you make, weather it be music, games, mechanical devices, or your latest craft project. If you make it and want to share, Instructables is the place for you.

8. Curbly

Much like Instructables, Curbly is a place for posting your projects. It is a community consisting of DIY enthusiasts, full of how-to-make articles and new ideas for your next project.

9. BakeSpace

BakeSpace is a place for bakers to come, show their work, and share recipes. They also allow the creation of your own cookbook!

10. Group Recipes

Another site for food fanatics. It is a large community dedicated to sharing recipes, and is a great place to network for aspiring cooks.

What if you launched your own niche social network dedicated to your industry and be the next succssful one?

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