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10 Amazingly Successful Examples of Gamification


As the global business community grows, many business organizations are discovering and embracing the use of the concepts of gamification to market their products. Basically, gamification is the use of strategic game designs and mechanics to motivate the interested parties to achieve their objectives.

Below are some of the best examples of gamification in the business world:

1. The Samsung Nation


To motivate its users to get more interactive and learn more from each other, this company has introduced a function that enables the users to watch clips and discuss issues. In return, the most active ones get badges through levels of progress.

2. The US Army

America s Army

This defense institution is using some very well crafted training games leaked to the media to get more people interested in joining the US armed forces.

3. Jillian Michaels Fitness Program


This fitness trainer motivates people to get fit better by introducing various badges of achievement. In this system, you choose the goal you aim for and strive to achieve.

4. Starbucks

Devoted to the staff commitment and customers loyalty, Starbucks has launched "My Starbuck Rewards" program. Customers increase their level of loyalty - depending on the number of purchases - to get more in addition to free products. The good old system of miles handed over to the taste (of coffee) of the day.

5. Nike+ Run Club

Homepage Nike Run Club

Nike+ products and services are intended to extend the Nike experience beyond the purchase. The Nike + Run Club app is no exception to this rule, and offers all running athletes the opportunity to join the community of runners using the application. This allows you to measure your efforts and follow a personalized training program adapted to your level and objectives. It also allows the sharing of race statistics on social networks, but also participate in challenges and win badges and trophies. All these features constitute a competitive mechanism, very effective in the implementation of gamification. The role of this application is not only to retain users to the brand, but also to improve and disseminate Nike's image to the sports community.

6. Progress Wars


With this, you have a progress bar running to reflect your project progress. This can greatly aid people and motivate them to complete the tasks efficiently.

7. Nissan Carwings


In this program introduced by Nissan in their electric car models, a driver’s performance can be compared to others and earn them bronze, silver and gold accordingly.

8. Beat The GMAT


Started by a MBA student, this program motivates the MBA students to achieve their goals by awarding them points and badges for tasks well done.

9. AccorHotels

Accor Hotels uses gamification in its A | Club loyalty program: members are encouraged to synchronize the Facebook application with their Accor loyalty account and then register check-ins, for example to signal their presence in a brand hotel, via the Facebook Places app.

10. Stride Rite

Homepage Stride Rite

Some even go further with gamification to further enrich the store experience. For example, customers earn by trying an article. This is what the brand of Stride Rite children's shoes recently did. In its outlets, kids were invited to try the models and dance in front of a screen to earn points. The best scores were rewarded with coupons.

Looking at these applications of this current marketing strategy, you realize that this concept is largely successful. In fact, all of the various organizations that have employed this concept have experienced a surge in customer satisfaction, excellent reviews and more consumer interest in what they offer.

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